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What is the difference between jquery and react?

With JavaScript and web development becoming more prevalent, web developers must familiarize themselves with the different frameworks that are being used. Among them, jQuery and React are two of the most popular. However, many developers are still uncertain as to…

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How does React JS compare to Angular 2?

It’s no secret that two of the most popular frameworks in web development are React JS and Angular 2. But how do they compare to each other? What benefits does each offer, and what drawbacks should developers keep in mind…

What are the features of React.js?

Are you curious about why React.js is a popular web development technology? What advantages does it offer, and which features make it so popular? Are there any risks associated with using React.js? There is little doubt that React.js has revolutionized…

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What is redux in react JS?

Have you ever heard of Redux in React? What is the purpose of this technology and why is it important? How can you make better use of it for your React projects? Redux is a popular state management library that…

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Who is using Facebook React?

Facebook React is one of the most talked about frameworks in web development today. With it, users can create user interfaces that are both powerful and easy to use. But what exactly is React, and who is using it? What…

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